Despite high increase in int’l market, petrol prices raised by only Rs4

181 Despite high increase in int’l

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Despite a considerable increase in petroleum products in the international market, the government on Thursday enhanced petrol prices by just Rs 4 per liter by making adjustments in sales tax and petroleum levy.

The new prices would be effective from October 1 for next fortnight, said a press statement issued by the Finance Ministry here.

Accordingly, petrol would be sold at Rs127.30 per liter against its sale at Rs123.30 per liter.
Likewise, the price of high-speed diesel has been increased by Rs 2 per liter, from Rs120.04 to Rs122.04, kerosene oil by Rs7.05, from Rs92.26 to Rs99.31 whereas the price of light diesel has been hiked by Rs8.82 per liter, from Rs 90.69 to Rs 99.51.

The statement added that due to the increase in petroleum prices in the international market and exchange rate variations in the last fortnight, the OGRA had worked out the higher petroleum prices but the prime minister decided against the recommendations and passed on the minimum increase in prices to the consumers.

“The government has absorbed the higher international pressure of prices through a reduction in petroleum levy and sales tax,” it added.

The statement also mentioned that petroleum prices in Pakistan were the cheapest in the region.

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