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The Republic of Indonesia is rich with natural resources. Indonesia is world’s largest Palm oil and second largest coal exporter, with a strong economy of around $188b exports, making it world’s 25 th largest exporting country. Recently Indonesian President Joko Widodo emphasized that the tourism industry should become the biggest industry in Indonesia in terms of foreign exchange earnings. Indonesia – a huge archipelago that consists of more than 17,000 islands – has so much to offer to (foreign) tourists, such as beautiful beaches and countryside, flora & amp; fauna, diving spots, wildlife, culture, culinary, historic relics as well as vibrant city life. The country with largest Muslim population is rich of halal tourism and friendly citizens, making it a safe destination for tourists. In many international rankings – such as the Most Beautiful Countries in the World Index or the Global Muslim Travel Index – Indonesia is ranked highly.

It means that the international community acknowledges Indonesia & #39;s beauty. However, despite all, Indonesia continues to lag behind its regional counterparts in terms of foreign tourist arrivals (specifically trailing behind Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore). Taking it into account, Indonesia is taking several steps to enhance tourism in the country, recently the Government of Indonesia, invited a number of Journalists from Pakistan, in an effort to show it & #39;s country & #39;s real image to the people of Pakistan especially. A seven member Pakistani media team undertook an eight days tour of Indonesia in an annual Familiarization Trip Programme 2019 hosted by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia specially Consul General, Mr. Toto Prianama to and Tourism Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia. The programme is meant to apprise journalists, travel writers, tour operators and opinion builder of Indonesia most popular tourist destination.

The Pakistani delegation was flown to Indonesia by Thai Airways International whose marketing manager for Pakistan, Rashid Siddiqui, went the extra mile to provide comfort to the Pakistani journalists. The service of the Thai Airways was also world class and deserves praise, the hospitality and services is excellent. During the eight days trip the delegation visited Bali, Lombok, Jakarta and Bangkok. The delegation landed on Bali Island which is the perfect holidays.

Travel to Bali in Business Class and enjoyed World class awarded business lounge at Bangkok airport, Business Class seats and enjoyed, Thai warm and renowned hospitality’s and during fights its very comfortable and served fabulous foods etc. destination as offers everything for all age group be it youth Honey Mooners, families or senior citizens. The tour began with a trip to Ulu Watu Temple as more than 80 percents of Bali Island population practises a.unique brand of Hindu culture. Throughout Bali a tourist gets to see beautiful and Magnificent Temple. The island offers a tantalising blend of rich heritage tastefully weaved into modern Tourist Facilities. There are many water sports & quot; Toya Devasya

Water Sports & quot; like Banana Boat, Donut Slider, Fly Board, Jet Ski, Flying Fish, Natural Hot Spring and Waterpark in Bali. We next visited Lombok Island which is Bali’s neighbour, and very environment conscious. It is a tropical paradise whose main attraction are three islands known locally as Gili. The largest of these island is Gili Trawangan which only allows green transport likes animal horse cart or bicycles which are only mode of transports. Another popular attraction is water sport and snorkeling between the three Gilis which opens a vast and wondrous underwater world. Another must visit site in Lombok is

Sukarara village famous for its weaving craft. These textile are much appreciated by women who visited from all over world. Lombok is also the home of a colourful and vibrant Sasak culture, Lush Forests, Scientific waterfalls and an active volcano, Mount Rinjani. The last two day of the tour were spends in Jakarta, we explored old Batavia, its harbour once was abuzz with ships from the East and the West Batavia was then known as “The Queen of the East” and as “The Jewel of Asia”. The harbour acted as the meeting points of East and West. The merchants who traded here become the master of fabulous wealth. The harbour front still reflects those glorious days in the beautiful ancient buildings of the past which have been preserved. During they stay throughout Indonesia our delegation had authentic Indonesian meals specially Sea Food.

On the last day in Indonesia, Pakistan Ambassador Mr. Abdul Salik Khan, his wife invited journalist delegation for dinner at his official residence. Same night. A Pakistan high Laval Navy delegation headed by Rear Admiral invited by the Ambassador and his wife, some high ranking Indonesian Army officials also invited, we had talk on mutual interest, on the occasion Mr. Sajjad Haider Khan, Minister/Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Jamal Nasir, Second Secretary of the Pakistan Embassy were also present. Our return journey began the next day. our journey is not ended and we travel from Indonesia to Thailand ” Land of Smile” with the courtesy of the Thai Airways and will write and share our experience in my next article. (By: Zahid Hussain Karani) (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <> & WhatsApp +923132434567 PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS Thanks. Shuja ullah Khan, Chief Editor)