Doctor looting patients in private hospital, Ministry of health take quick action on healthcare system

325 Norway Covid - 19
Oslo Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): It’s harder for poor people who are living in poverty and facing huge health problems. According to Pakistan medical statistics in 2014 total MBBS registered 152259, according to the medical statistic may be more in 2021.  The doctors do not go for other medical specializations after MBBS. In Pakistan, there is a shortage of doctors and especially specialists and physicians. According to international standards, 1 doctor is required for 1,000 people but we have 1 doctor for hundreds of thousands of people. I find out those who have already gone to a private hospital and had a medical examination, how much it cost them for everything at any of the clinics providing exams?  CP Test complete cost 27500 PK RS for each persona that time. Which is very costly for poor people. a few private hospitals in the city, designated as COVID-19 treatment facilities, have fixed ‘high’ rates for patients. One such hospital is charging patients 70,000 RS a day for an isolation room, while another is requiring them to pay for personal protective equipment (PPE) used by doctors and other staff every day. I Inquiries with a number of private hospitals in the city found that each of them was following their own pattern of charging patients under various heads. Most hospitals did not offer outpatient services for persons with symptoms of COVID-19 and were admitting patients for screening and testing. At one such hospital in the heart of the city, patients are admitted to isolation rooms, and their samples are sent for testing. The cost per day is 70,000 RS, and patients need to be admitted for a minimum of two weeks until results of laboratory tests arrive, said the hospital staff telephone conversation.

The public healthcare system and health insurance in Norway are both options for ex-pats in this country. However, it is important to note that private health insurance is virtually nonexistent as there is a very small market for it. Mostly everyone is covered under the public system with people only for private healthcare insurance to shorten wait times. Besides this, the quality of care you end up receiving when it comes to public versus private is exactly the same. This section will provide you with an overview of Norway’s healthcare system in regard to public and private healthcare, and more.  Finding a doctor is easy because you are assigned one once you register with the Norway Covid – 19. You are able to choose your general practitioner (GP) from an approved list. Giving birth in Norway is an extremely attractive option for pregnant women as the state covers every pregnancy and birth-related cost, regardless of coverage. The public system under which all Norwegians are covered is known as the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). Here is what is covered, emergency services and transport costs, associated with pregnancy and childbirth, medical treatment of children under 16, medical treatment of work-related injuries, general healthcare costs such as doctors’ appointments and prescription medication (partially covered, treatment abroad if necessary, rehabilitation, dental care services for children up to 18 years of age and other prioritized groups (such as people with chronic diseases, patients with chronic mental disabilities, and nursing home patients. Pakistan Sehat Card can be used for the treatment in different cities and states in Pakistan but Prime Minister Imran Khan must speed there in all states in Pakistan.  Pakistan needs to open new hospitals and produce more medical staff and Doctors.


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