Every year millions of students face great difficulty to find jobs after completion of their education – Dr. Aslam Uqeli


Karachi (PR): Vice Chancellor Mehran University of Engineering & Technology Jamshoro Dr. Muhammad Aslam Uqeli said that every year millions of students face great difficulty in finding jobs after completion of their education and it is a challenge for all of us. Introduction of Digitalization & Latest Technology also reduces the requirement of manpower.  Machines are gradually replacing human resources and are a reason for increasing unemployment. Traditional jobs are obsoleting day by day and even developed countries are now facing a contraction in jobs because of extensive use of technology and we have to find way-out to cope with this. He was addressing the students and faculty members of the Newports Institute of Communication & Economics on the topic of Entrepreneurship through Innovation.  Chairman Newports Institute Brigadier Jamal (R ), Co-Chairperson Human Bukhari, We present on this occasion. Dr. Uqeli adds that now the educational environment is also changing, earlier students were heavily dependent on the teachers and books but now all the current information, research around the globe are available at


the fingertips of a student courtesy internet and google, Wikipedia, etc. He said that at Mehran University all the research and development work is being done in the most modern ways. He invited Newports Institute students to visit Mehran University to understand the problems and day-to-day issues of each other.  It is high time to teach project-based subjects to students. In the future, we have to focus on Research Development, Language, Educational Awareness, Skills Development.  He appreciates the confidence and skills of Newports Institutes students and said that this is the right course of education for today’s students.  Brigadier Sadiq Jamal (r ) appreciates the efforts of Dr. Uqeli for Mehran University and said that under his able leadership Mehran University gain a lot of recognition. There is a lot of work on Research & Development at Mehran University and we wish our students get to benefit from your institute. Huma Bukhari Co-Chairperson Newports said that since 2013 we have closed relations with Mehran University It is our desire that to attain our 2025 Vision under your guidance.  Our students have already started to focus on Professional Subjects.  We learn a lot from Dr. Uqeli and our students will apply his advice.  Brigadier Sadiq Jamal (R ) and Huma Bukhari presented Memento to Dr. Uqeli.

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