Famous Iranian Poet, Singer, Photogapher and Writer – Sahar Ajdamsani


Sahar Ajdamsani is an Iranian poet, singer, photographer, writer who known as an women’s rights & human rights activist. She published 2 poetry books & she won international poetry & photography prizes.

1.Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Sahar Ajdamsani. Born 1996 in Iran. My studies in archeology are at University of Tehran, the best university in Iran. I am a poet, songwriter, singer, photographer and writer. I was writing poetry from the age of 8 and I try to work with my arts to defend women’s rights.

2. How is it to be a woman artist in Iran ?

Any person carries the art within his/her soul, would move in artistic path. Doesn’t matter where he or she lives. Problem is in countries like Iran, women and artistic activities are not valued. Women are not allowed to follow their artistic interests easily and free of obstacles. Censorship is always present to that extent that some activities such as singing is forbidden and religiously prohibited. A female singer could be punished under criminal laws. It is a complicated task to follow your personal artistic interest and there are countless number of obstacles on the path.

  1. Your book, “5th season of earth in Iran” was presented in Tehran Book Garden last November, can you share with us your experience ?

“5th Season of Earth in Iran” was my first poetry book after twenty years of experience in poetry. Poems mainly contain social subjects and some of them are related to feminine issues.


I would like to claim I had a great experience, but unfortunately it is not the truth. Iran does not consider copy rights and the author is not supported here, so there was certain problems. My publishing institute did not commit to the agreement, the quality of print was low, font was changed, number of pages got double, and the final price of the book was almost twice as it supposed to be. While presenting the book, unfortunately 30 books were stolen and all this troubles is too much for an independent artist with no support.

4.You are also a photographer. You are the only Iranian who have won the international Black and White photography contest in Greece, can you tell us more about this?

I photographed for a documentary project on Rock music in Iran. Rock music faces many limitations in Iran, even for male artists. While thousands of photos were sent to the competition, I was the only Iranian won the prize for my project called “Rock, Life and Limitation”.

Prized photos were exhibited in Blank Wall Gallery of Athens, Greek for two weeks from 4th to 18th January. Residents of Athens welcomed the exhibition warmly.

Currently, I am working on a photography project to illustrate women and children.

Recently, I am also the first Iranian poetess to win the New York City Poetry Festival prize in United States with my English poem called “Censorship” which is about women rights.

5. Can you tell us more about your poem, what are your favorite subjects, how do you find your inspiration?

I would like to invite all the people of the world to peace, kindness, humanity, friendship, equality and subjects like these with my poems.

The themes of my poetry are more about peace, contemporary social issues, the invitation of humans to love each other, kindness, humanity and friendship with animals, as well as women’s rights and some others in the subject of love.

I inspire from my heart & my inside.


6- What message would you like to share with your poem?

People all over the world love each other more and be kindness with each other. Everywhere there is peace, calm and friendship and no war exists so that we can all live in a dreamy world. If people are kinder, the world will be prettier. And I try to give the audience a sense of peace and tranquility and spiritual style with my poems.

7. Whatever you do, photography, poem or singing, do you have the same artistic way to think?

According to the difference in these arts themselves, the ways are different, of course.

8- What are your next projects ?

In This summer (summer 2019), two poetry books are published by me, one in the name of “ I flew to the moon” , my Persian poems published in Iran, and one in the name of “censorship”,  my English poems, published in the United States.

I am currently doing my own music album in the name of “ Dreamy World” in the style of declamation (because singing for women is forbidden, and they can only declamation). The melody of every poem composed by a composer of a country of, and the reason for this is to show peace and also all of the world want peace.


The album cover photo is also taken by Majid Saeedi, a world-famous photographer.

About this album, I hope that it will be financially and spiritually support, because at the moment I was only financing it myself, and it is very difficult for an independent artist.

Two of its poems have been published and we create music video for each song. And I invited for the Athens poetry Festival of Greece in November and the Parma Music Festival of Italy in October, for performed this poems & declamation.

About photography, now I’m photographing my new project and preparing for the next year, and I hope to be able to exhibit them in France, and I also hope to have the honor of attending to the poetry festivals of France.

In the end, I would like to thank you and your good audience for this interview and I ask the audience to support the album “dreamy world” that will soon be released. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <editor@enewspaper.com.pk & WhatsApp +923132434567)