Fashion Tycoon Mr. Mahmoud Bhatti in Newport’s Institute


Karachi: (by Eruj Fatima): Mr. Mehmood Bhatti is not only known to be a world-famous fashion designer but he is also known for his self-made career and his work in philanthropy.

Mr.Mehmood Bhatti and his wife, Georgia, were invited as guest speakers at Newport’s Institute of Communications and Economics because of their exceptional life experiences. The purpose of this session was to make the students interact with a hero who was a role model for many. The purpose of this session was to make the youth believe that hard work, dedication, honesty, and truthfulness can lead to wealth and a higher status. Tahir Mehmood Bhatti, commonly known as Mehmood Bhatti was born in a city called Lahore, Pakistan. The Chairperson of Newport’s Institute of Communications and Economics, Madam Huma Bukhari in her welcome speech emphasized that just like Mehmood Bhatti any passionate Pakistani with consistent hard work and a soft-spoken nature can be successful and known for his work around the world. Along with the books when such personalities interact with the students they witness the success stories in disguise of a Human being. Madam Huma Bukhari also states that Mr. Mehmood Bhatti even after touching the skies of success did not forget Pakistan and his duties as a citizen of his country. The host of the event Mahnoor Ali said that Mehmood Bhatti started his career in Paris in the year 1979.

While discussing his life experiences Mr. Mehmood Bhatti told the students that “I was once admitted in the hospital due to severe sickness, it was the day of Eid and every patient was being visited by their loved ones except for me. The walls of the hospital were not very strong and the roof was dripping. On this day, I decided that whenever I become a successful man, I will establish a hospital where the needy will be served properly with utmost care. When I went to Paris to start my life in 1979, I only had $100 in my pocket. Over there with hard work, I did every possible work which the citizens of Pakistan always hesitate while doing. I can never forget the days when I used to eat and sleep at Da Ta Darbar. My wife, Georgia, came to Lahore and wanted to see the place I stayed at. I took her to visit Da Ta Darbar and pointed out towards a kid wearing worn-out clothes and told her that ‘This is me’. I want the students present here to know that you should never be ashamed of your financial status and your past. During my sickness, no one visited me but now there are many who claim to be my loved ones and stay near me but I never say anything, I help them as much as I can. Today’s youth does not appreciate being labor whereas I carried the clothes on my shoulders for sales. People loved my clothes and my business began to prosper in 3 years my profit was more than the turn over of Pakistan. Today many well-known brands purchase clothes from me. Behind all this success my hard work, honestly and down to earth nature has stayed consistent, I have never spoken to anyone in an ill-mannered way, never saw anyone with inferior eyes hence the world respected me.”

Student asked that how can a youngster wear good clothes to which Mehmood Bhatti replied saying,’ From the age of 18 every youngster should work with dedication and should earn by themselves, when you earn money with your own sweat and blood you understand the worth of it, later you realize how to spend that money whether it be on clothes or other necessities expressed his interest in working on humanitarian projects for Pakistan. He also established a hospital in Lahore. Even after facing many hardships, I did not stay behind in helping the citizens of Pakistan or staying behind my National duty, upon answering another student he mentioned his desire to work on projects in Karachi. Huma Bukhari mentioned that the students need a personality like Mr. Mehmood Bhatti to teach them about fashion designing to which Mr. Mehmood Bhatti promised that after completing the 6 months of commitments he will visit Newport’s Institute of Communications and Economics to give lectures and conduct workshops regarding Fashion designing, he also mentioned that he will take out time for the students of Newport’s Institute whenever he visits Pakistan. His wife, Georgia expressed her happiness and said that she was delighted to see the passion and dedication of the youth of Pakistan, She said ‘instead of losing hope if an individual does hard work in the near future there will be many Mehboob Bhattis.

At the end of the event, Mr. Mehmood Bhatti and his wife Georgia were presented with memorable shields and Ajraks.
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