FM to begin four-nation tour tomorrow with Afghan situation high on agenda


ISLAMABAD (APP): Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi will begin his four-nation tour to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran from Wednesday to exchange views with the leadership on the evolving situation in Afghanistan.

The foreign minister will commence his visit from Tajikistan followed by two other Central Asian States and then Iran.

“During the visit, the Foreign Minister will have high-level interactions to exchange views on the evolving situation in Afghanistan and on enhancing bilateral relations,” the Foreign Office said on Tuesday.

During the consultations from August 24 to 26, Qureshi will share Pakistan’s perspective on the latest developments in Afghanistan.

The Foreign Office said Pakistan believed that the neighboring countries have a vital stake in the peace, security, and stability of Afghanistan and the region.

“It is important to coordinate closely with the neighbors to address common challenges and advance shared goals of peace, security, stability, and regional connectivity,” it said.

In the bilateral context, the foreign minister’s visit to these countries will build on the recent high-level exchanges to further intensify close cooperative relations.

The FO said Pakistan desired to further deepen and broaden its multifaceted cooperation with these partners. ?

“The foreign minister’s visit would help promote a coordinated regional approach as well as strengthen Pakistan’s engagement with Central and West Asia,” it said.

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