Foreign forces wished to undermine country’s sovereignty to face defeat: Rasheed

92 forces wished to undermine country’s sovereignty to face defeat Rasheed

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Friday said that foreign forces that wished to undermine our sovereignty, integrity, and impartiality would face defeat.

Talking to media persons here, he said everyone had exposed in ‘No-Confidence Motion against Prime Minister, Imran Khan.
The prime minister would address the nation in the evening, he added.

The minister said he had already suggested three months ago to tender his resignation and suggested holding early general elections. He said he was right when he advised imposing governor’s rule an emergency in the country and dissolution of the assembly.

He was of the views that we should tender en-mass resignation from the assemblies. “We should come out against those people who became stooge of imperialistic forces and exposed their real face before the nation,” he said.

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