FRANCE: New elected  officials announced  in the election of Pakistan Press club paris


Paris (Yaser ilyas): March 15, 2018, the joint panel was declared successful in the Pakistan  Press Club Paris France’s election. Senior journalist of Paris Mian Mohammad Amjad was elected the new President of Pakistan Press Club Paris France. Senior Vice President Ayaz Mahmood Ayaz, Vice President Shamraiz Khan, General Secretary Ashfaq Ahmed Chaudhary, Joint Secretary Chaudhry Yasir Ilyas, Secretary Information Meher Raheel Rauf, Deputy Secretary Information Madam Nasira Khan, Secretary Finance Khurram Shahzad, Secretary Multimedia Ali Ashfaq Selected While Ms Asifa Hashmi as President of the Women’s Wing of the Press Club, Madam Nasrah Khan as General Secretary and Ms Shehla Rizvi elected as Secretary Information . Oath taking ceremony will be held In the next few days. Remember that Pakistan Press Club Paris France is the first registered  organization of Pakistani journalists in France, that was introduced in 2002 and  press clubs was registered  according to the French law in 2003. Club members are  the best journalists in France, and most of the club’s senior journalists have a 15-year-old journalism experience and they always guide newcomers.

Senior journalist and former President congratulated the officials

In this meeting, in addition to the elected officials, former President sahibzada Atiq ur rahman,  Malik Akif Ghani Awan and Abdulstar Malik also attended.

Prays offerd on the occasion of third death anniversary of late Chaudhry Shabir Bhadar, Founder General Secretary of Pakistan Press Club Paris, France.