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London, UK (PR): PRITI Patel has outlined a number of tough new measures the Government is taking to strengthen border controls in the Covid pandemic.

The Home Secretary unveiled the new border policy as she gave a speech to the House of Commons this afternoon.

Priti Patel will set out further steps to control the flow of people arriving into England Priti Patel will set out further steps to control the flow of people arriving into England.

Priti Patel unveiled the tough new measure in a speech to the Commons.

People trying to exit Britain will be confronted at the airport by police and border staff if their reason for leaving their homes is deemed non-essential – and will be sent home or fined if they are traveling without good reason.
And those arriving from 22 high-risk countries will be forced into hotel quarantines – with passengers forced to fork out around £1,500 for a ten-day stay in a hotel.

Making it clear there were still too many people entering the UK, the Home Secretary said: “It is clear that there are still too many people coming in and out of our country each day.

“We will introduce a new requirement so that people wishing to travel must first make a declaration as to why they need to travel.”

Police will carry out more physical checks at addresses to ensure Brits are quarantining, while entry will be refused to non-UK residents from red-list countries that are already subject to the UK travel ban.

Ms Patel also confirmed the isolation period will be 10 days without exception.

Priti Patel confirmed the introduction of quarantine hotels for arriving travellers, similar to but not as restrictive as Australia’s and New Zealand’s Covid accommodation.

This would require passengers to pay more than £1,000 to self-isolate in hotels upon arriving in the UK.
She will reportedly announce that all travelers arriving in Britain from 22 high-risk countries across the globe will be forced into hotel quarantine.

There have been more than 100,000 deaths related to coronavirus in the UK, nearly a year after the first reported cases in the country.

The Home Secretary will announce the steps today the Home Secretary will announce the steps How would hotel quarantine work? A quarantine hotel is a dedicated facility used to temporarily accommodate arriving travelers while keeping them totally separate and isolated from the wider public.

Checked luggage is transferred separately to the specially designated accommodation and, as long as they don’t have any symptoms, travelers are also transferred to a hotel or other designated quarantine facility.

Once they’ve been taken to a Covid hotel, travelers would be expected to remain in isolation for ten days.
Best Western and Accor, who runs Australia’s quarantine facilities, said they are ready to answer the nation’s quarantine call and provide space.

Covid hotels would provide accommodation near major airports. It’s been reported that Ms. Patel had pushed for a total closure of the UK’s borders, as Labour has demanded, but that was rejected by Boris Johnson.

Instead, under the new regime, arrivals from the 30 highest risk countries will have to immediately quarantine in hotels near airports for ten days.

Travelers will have to pick up the tab themselves, at a cost of up to £1,500 each.

Destinations hit include parts of South America around Brazil, countries around South Africa, plus Portugal and Cape Verde – and maybe even celebrity haunt Dubai.

If ministers do approve of this proposed measure, quarantine hotels would be introduced near major airports.

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