Govt to provide equal opportunities to Balochistan skilled workforce: PM

150 to provide equal opportunities to Balochistan skilled workforce PM

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif Monday said that the incumbent government would provide equal opportunities for progress to the skilled workforce of Balochistan.

The prime minister, in a meeting with ex-Speaker of Balochistan Assembly and acting president of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Balochistan chapter Jamal Shah Kakar, said it was among the government’s priorities to accelerate the pace of development in Balochistan.

Jamal Shah Kakar congratulated the prime minister on the assumption of the office and also appreciated him for putting the country back on the course of development.

He said the prime minister’s directives to ensure the uplift of the areas which had faced neglect during the previous years, particularly Balochistan, were welcoming.

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