Hamdan International (Pvt.) Limited seeks help from Government of Pakistan


KARACHI: (PR): Representatives of Hamdan International (Pvt.) Limited hosted a press conference here at Karachi Press Club and said; “Government of Pakistan can succeed in bringing foreign investment worth US$ 10 billion to Pakistan by assisting our company legally and as well as institutionally”.

They said; “Our Company invested US$ 50 Million, but due to some fraudulent acts and agreements by the Indian Government with four different countries (details of these contracts are on our website). Our case number 1552/2018 is in process with Sindh High Court. But we would like to appeal to Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motto action on this so that foreign direct investment of US$ 10 billion comes into Pakistan to bring economic stability to our beloved country”.

Representatives of Hamdan International further went on to say; “we know that country is going through an economic crisis and Prime Minster of Pakistan has requested overseas Pakistani to help in building ‘naya Pakistan’ so that Pakistan also stand tall among the developed countries of the world’.

On Prime Minister’s appeal to overseas Pakistani’s they said; “on suggestions of Hamdan International (Pvt.) Limited, we are sure that minimum US$ 10 billion investment can be raised at the earliest. Complete details of our suggestion along with guidelines can be viewed on our website. Our company has invested US$ 50 Million with Thakur Family Trust, America as our important partner who are based in Dubai”.

They further said; “according to international investment contracts, profit of US$60 Billion was stopped from going to India from Dubai and for stopping same, four agreements were signed on four different dates to trick governments of USA, UAE, India and Pakistan. Copies of these fake agreements can be viewed on our website”.

“we are not requesting for any financial assistance from Government of Pakistan, all we are requesting for is legal and institutional assistance” and on being enquired about its details the representatives said; “if our company agrees to pay 25% on income of US$10 Billion and if our company suffers from a loss due to any unknown reason than government can proceed for judicial proceedings. No other party can be allowed to benefit from this activity. Government of Pakistan on income tax regulation can opt for judicial proceedings on our acceptance that we will be 25% on income of US$10 Billion” as explained by the representatives of Hamdan International (Pvt.) Limited.

Representatives of Hamdan International (Pvt.) Limited said; “we request Prime Minister of Paksitan and also Chief Justice of Pakistan to take suo motto action in national interest. This case is already in proceedings at Sindh High Court and case number is 1552/2018. Pakistani constitution says in its article number 26 says that UAE and Pakistan governments have dual tax agreements which give every Pakistani citizen legal rights on to keep their investments safe. We therefore request Government of Pakistan and also Supreme Court of Pakistan for legal assistance on bringing vast amount of US$10 Billion in shape direct foreign investment which will defiantly give a boom to our dwindling economy. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <editor@enewspaper.com.pk & or WhatsApp +923132434567)