Health Dept urges citizens to follow precautionary measures against dengue


LAHORE (APP): Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD) Secretary Imran Sikandar Baloch on Monday directed the department to intensify dengue precautionary measures across Punjab.

In a press statement, he appealed to people to take special care of cleanliness and no garbage should be thrown in open places, adding that people should be more responsible in preventing dengue during monsoon and rainwater should not be accumulated in residential areas. He appealed to all religious scholars to inform the worshipers coming to mosques about the prevention of dengue.

During the last 24 hours, five dengue patients were reported from Punjab, out of which, five were in Lahore and one in Rawalpindi.

A total of 314 confirmed cases of dengue had been reported from Punjab and out of all confirmed patients, 252 patients had been reported from the provincial capital.

At present, a total of 13 patients were admitted across Punjab, out of which seven patients were admitted in the hospitals of Lahore, two patients were admitted in Children Hospital Lahore, respectively one patient each, in Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, Rangers Teaching Hospital Lahore, Masood Hospital Lahore, National Hospital Lahore and Doctors Hospital Lahore, two patients were admitted in Holi Family Hospital Rawalpindi, two in District Headquarter Hospital (DHQ) Rawalpindi, whereas, one patient was admitted each in Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi and DHQ Hospital Hassan Abdal, respectively.

During the last 24 hours, 273,079 indoor and 68,153 outdoor locations were checked in Punjab while larvae were also destroyed from 811 locations.

Similarly, in Lahore 55,152 indoor and 8,435 places were checked for dengue larvae and 289 positive containers were destroyed.

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