Honorary Prophet Rally at Dow University Ojha Campus

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Karachi: A large number of teachers, students, and other staff members took part in the rally at Dow University Ojha Campus in honor of the Prophet. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) continued to chant slogans such as “Mustafa (Mustafa)” and “Death is also acceptable in slavery.” The rally was organized by the Study Aid Project with the support of the university administration which started at Dow College of Pharmacy and ended at Central Cafeteria in front of Dow International College. Ibtisam Hashmi said

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that we consider Namos Rasool as part of faith and there will be no compromise on it. All Islamic countries have boycotted India completely. The government of Pakistan should also boycott India and end all relations. He said that India Hafiz Ibtisam Hashmi said that Muslims of the world are united on the issue of honorable prophethood. The presence of hundreds of Dow University students, faculty, administration, and employees from all walks of life at today’s rally and demonstration is proving that we are all united on the Holy Prophet and want to send a clear message that the Indian government takes immediate action against the insolent and heavy Violent and retaliatory actions against Muslims Stop _ At the end of the rally, the participants dispersed peacefully.

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