Impact of the International Day of a person with disabilities (IDPWD) celebrated in Mirpur Khas

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Mirpur Khas: -Speakers and Members of Civil Society NGOs and others highlighting the importance of the person with disabilities and special persons and impact of the international day of a person with disabilities (IDPWD) on the eve of 3rd December, called upon the society that We all should play our individual and collective role to uplift, encourage, provide proper platform/ forum and adequate opportunities to differently-abled persons with full spirit enthusiasm, courage and dedication/devotion at every level in the society so that in making them useful and beneficial part of the society. Further, They could play their role fully in the development and betterment of the society like other common people, they could also perform positively for making a healthy, progressive and prosperous society through their skills, talents, and capabilities/abilities. These views were expressed at celebrations of International Day of persons with disabilities(IDPWD) organized at the residence of Executive Engineer Education Works Masood Bajwa by Patron and Wife Mrs. Irfana Masood Bajwa under `Naya Qadam´ a local Social organization of Disabled persons held here in a simple but dignified ceremony. President Muhammad Javed, Patron and famous social worker Ms. Irfana Masood Bajwa, Mahad Bajwa, Rabna Masood Bajwa, Amina khatoon Divisional Director Information Hizbullah Memon, Executive Engineer Education Works Masood Bajwa, Rashid Malik, Muhammad Iqbal, and others. while addressing and marking the International Day celebrations, like across the country, the speakers said that this day, the United Nations has decided to make persons with disabilities useful members of the society and to give them an equal share in every sphere of life and to play its active role, Now it’s our individual and collective duty and responsibility to further promote and encourage them at every level as well as providing them with opportunities and appropriate platforms and forums and full representation in all kinds of facilities and decision making at the local level. They also said that in order to keep alive their hopes of doing something, they should be given hope, trust, and confidence in all cases, not to discourage and demotivate them, but to take all possible, concrete & practical steps at the governmental and social level for their proper development/flourishment and promotion, they motivated that Effective implementation of policy already made for, should be helped out, assistance & cooperation should be extended to them(disabled persons) policy should be complied in letter & spirit manner, They need to be cared for, loved and affection so that they can play their due role in mainstream besides by taking positive steps and practical measures for their proper and adequate quality education technical and vocational training, rehabilitation and nourishment centers units as well as proper registration of all person with disabilities to provide them all basic needs and requirements of daily life and career. Earlier, on the occasion of International Day, all participants and persons with disabilities shared a cake-cutting ceremony. President Naya Qadam Muhammad Jawed informed they’re on gong activities and achievements at national and international level represented the country in Nepal recently and will expect to represent in Thailand and other sports games and activities abroad. He told that they were working for 5 years and imparted training education tuition computer knowledge embroidery and handmade skills to their members. more than 250 persons continuously worked in even in lockdown & Covid19 era they took various steps to provide employment opportunities to the disabled person not depend to others despite discourage beggary in the city but motivated them (persons women and children) under the platform of Naya Qadam organization and other philanthropists successfully and significantly. Later, the traditional gifts of Sindh Ajraks were presented to all the guest’s participants.

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