Internationa Global Citizenship Fellowship 2022 – Melton Foundation (Fully funded)


The Melton Foundation is currently accepting applications for the GlobalCitizenship Learning Program. The deadline for the application is February 15th, 2022. The process of applying to the Fellowship is free of cost. The applications are open to university students in the age group of 18-25 years who will foreseeably live within the city limits of any of our partner regions for the first 1.5 years :

Bangalore, India
Greater Accra, Ghana
New Orleans, United States
Jena, Germany
Temuco, Chile
Hangzhou, China

Our 1.5-year Global Citizenship Learning Program is designed as an extra-curricular program that will help budding social changemakers to become the critical thinker and global problem-solver they aspire to be. Supported by our global network of mentors and partner organizations, Fellows will acquire skills in areas such as intercultural communications, teamwork, design thinking, project management, storytelling, ethical leadership, and systems thinking.

Applications are open and more info at:

Global Deadline: 15th Feb 2022

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