International Section Competitors of 9th Varesh Film Festival Announced


(Iran) by Mansour Jahani: – The list of works to be featured in the international segment of the latest round of Varesh has been published.

As reported by the festival’s public relations office, 24 films from six countries bordering the Caspian Sea will vie in the international section of this edition the festival.

The 9th Varesh International Film Festival features films made by Iran, Tajikistan, and  Afghanistan in the Common Heritage section (Persian language), along with, Iran, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan under the category of Natural Heritage (Caspian Sea).

The titles of works that managed to enter the competition segment are as follows:

From the Republic of Azerbaijan: “Azerbaijani Mugam” directed by Emin Mirabdullayev, “Azerbaijan Carpet” by Shamil Aliyev, “Winged Miracle” by Zahra Mirzazadeh, and “Azerbaijani Cuisine” by Shamil Najafzadeh.

From Afghanistan: “The Weaver” directed by Mohammad Ayrik, “Drop” directed by Ghulam Yahya Jafari, “Pale White” directed by Ghulamreza Jafari, “The Symphony of Tolibhon Shahidi’s Time” by Alexio, and “Ancient Land of Azar” by Samiollah Atayi.

From Iran: “The Iron Dreams” by Yasser Talebi, “Takleef: the Day of Duty” by Ali Khoshduni Farahani, “Lotus” by Mohammadreza Vatandoost, “The Myth of Haftvad Worm” by Asghar Saffar and Abbas Jalali Yekta, and “The Legendary Mythical” by Mahboubeh Tabayi Aghdayi.

From Tajikistan: “A Door to God” by Maruf Noyoft, “Solidream: Aspirations of the Pamir” by Brian Mathé, Morgan Monchaud and Siphay Vera, and “The Crying of Tanbur” by Anisa Sabiri.

From Russia: “Big Booom” directed by Marat Narimanov, “How Big is the Galaxy?” by Ksenia Elyan, “The Theory of Sunset” by Roman Sokolov, and “Faith” by Tatiana Fedorovskaya.

From Kazakhstan: “13 Kilometers” directed by Vladimir Tyulkin, “Hearth” by Alisher Zhadigerov, and “Ancestors’ Heritage” by Berik Zhakhanov.

Presided by Mehdi Ghorbanpour, the 9th edition of Varesh International Film Festival is set to open on April 29, in the northern city of Babol, Mazandaran Province. After a four-year pause, the latest round will run up to May 3, with simultaneous screenings of movies in Ramsar and Sari. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567)