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Paris, France (By Yaser Ilyas): It’s the second year of the deadly virus, Covid-19. The vaccinations to inhibit the fatal virus are being produced by different countries. All the countries across the globe have been affected by and large by one of the worst pandemics ever. Yet, there is little to no information as to how the virus started. This very question is speculated by the Biden administration. The previous President Trump had downright accused China of propagating the virus throughout the world. He even termed the virus as China Virus.

The US intelligence officials have started doubling their efforts into finding the true origins of the deadly virus. President Biden has started building a narrative about the virus. In his press release, he has been quoted as saying that the intelligence community is divided. He believes that one fraction thinks it occurred through nature. The other malignant one is that the virus had been created in a lab in Wuhan, the origin city of the virus.

While President Biden’s careful use of the words seems progressive, the act is quite intimidating. This statement could clearly be seen as Biden trying to reclaim the power it always has. The power dynamics started to loosen during Trump’s era and because of the virus, it sunk even further. However, as the vaccinations have started to emerge, this probe into China seems to bring the US’ edge back. While the development of China has been outstanding, to say the least, the US won’t let any country let alone China take back its title as the “Super Power”.

Biden also reiterated that he had asked the CDC to investigate the virus immediately after it began and started spreading. He expressed his apprehensions that China didn’t allow any investigation in the beginning which would forever hamper any result that might come into the light. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House spokesperson said that Biden has asked the investigative efforts to double in order to find a conclusion about the origins of the virus.

What is known about the origins so far is that this virus came most likely from a bat-like SARs virus. However, what is ambiguous is whether it came transferred to humans via bats or had there been an intermediary animal in play. Also on the 19th of February 2020, a group of 27 public health scientists condemned any conspiracy theories suggesting the virus did not have a natural origin.

The most popular conspiracy theory about the virus is that it is man-made and particularly had been developed in the Wuhan lab in the institute of virology. The lab has been targeted by the conspiracy theorists because Wuhan is considered to be the first known city to contract the virus. Special protocols were put into place as soon as the virus emerged to combat the virus. Emergency hospitals were created and lockdowns were enforced by the government. Unfortunately, though the Chinese government tried its best to contain the virus, it spread like wildfire. Since the virus’s symptoms take approximately 14 days to surface, the virus spreads. Different strains of the virus have also started to emerge in the year and a half of the virus.

Many Hollywood fans can’t help but draw comparisons between the real-life situation caused by the virus with the 2011 movie ‘Contagion.’ The virus in the movie also had global ramifications. It was spread through Gwyneth Paltrow’s character after she contracts it and later dies herself. The virus is shown to have started from animals in the movie and then passed on through ‘touchpoints. The similarities between the reel and real-life is eerie, to say the least.

Once the US completes its investigations, we will have a clearer picture as to how the virus which continues to take on lives originated. Meanwhile, it is best not to speculate or worry. Following the SOPs is a must and if you are eligible for the vaccine, get tour vaccination done as soon as possible. If however, you think you have already contracted it, self-quarantine and isolate yourself. Save your life and others’.

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