Mahira Khan gives huge shout-out to Sami Khan’s ‘Lafangey’

85 Khan gives huge shout-out to Sami Khan’s ‘Lafangey’

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Lollywood diva, Mahira Khan poured in best wishes for Sami Khan’s much-anticipated film ‘Lafangey’ and netizens fell in love with the heartfelt exchange.

The Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad starlet turned to Instagram and gave a special shout-out to the entire team of horror-comedy films ‘Lafangey’. The Superstar shared the gripping trailer of the film along with the caption, “This looks like so much fun, best of luck to the entire team”.

To this, Sami Khan responded in gratitude and wrote, “Thanks a lot, you are a superstar Mahira Khan and your feedback means a lot to us”.

While Hira Mani also took to Instagram to support team ‘Lafangey’ and her husband Mani on his new endeavor by sharing the trailer.

Besides Mahira and Hira, other showbiz bigwigs, as well as fans, also showered Sami Khan and the entire team with love and appreciation.

The much-talked-about film is penned and directed under the vital direction of Abdul Khaaliq Khan and co-written by Jahangir Hussain and JK Reddy, whereas Tariq Habib Rind produced the film at Al Wafiq Studios.

The stellar cast includes Sami Khan, Nazish Jehangir, Saleem Meraj, Mani, Mubeen Gabol, Behroze Sabzwari, Gul e Rana, Ismail Tara, Tariq Habib Rind, Waqar Ali Godra, and child star Hooreen. Association of America/Pak American Journalist’s Club USA

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