Mahoor Shahzad bags National Badminton Championship title for 6th consecutive year

186 Shahzad bags National Badminton Championship title for 6th consecutive year

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Pakistan’s star badminton player Mahoor Shahzad achieved yet another milestone by winning the national badminton championship for the sixth time in a row.

The championship took place from 01- 06 March 2022 in Lahore at Captain Fasih Babar Amin (Shaheed) Sports Complex. Around 300 athletes, including both men and women, belonging to different parts of the country participated in the event.

The badminton star took to her Facebook account to share the latest achievement with all the fans.
“Alhamdulillah, I have become the National Badminton Champion of Pakistan for the SIXTH consecutive time, despite not having fully recovered from the hamstring injury”.

Aiming to soar high she has some more triumphs to celebrate.
“Not only I have won singles, but I have been TRIPLE CROWNED by winning the Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles, and the TEAM event”.

Following her victory, Shahzad paid her gratitude to all the fans along with appreciating the authorities for conducting a wonderful event for the first time in the history of Pakistan badminton.
“I am really thankful to all of my supporters for their love, prayers, and support. Moreover, I would congratulate DHA Lahore for conducting such a magnificent event for the first time”.

Breaking all the shackles, Shahzad is also the first Pakistani to enter the top 200 female badminton players in the world.

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