Malaysian Palm Oil Board to host Technical Seminar on “Oils & Fats – The Heart of Food Industry on 25th October

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KARACHI October 24, 2018: Press conference of Technical seminar byMalaysian Palm Oil Board, Consulate-General of Malaysia in collaboration with Pakistan Food Association and Pakistan Biscuit and Confectioneries Association was hosted by Malaysian Consul General in Karachi his excellency Mr. Khair-ul-Nazran Abd Rahman. This technical seminar MTECS (MPOB Technical Seminar) is based on subject “Oils & Fats – The Heart of Food Industry” will be held on 25th October 2018.

Proceeding of the press conference started with welcome speech by the host his Excellency Mr. Khair-ul-Nazran Abd Rahman Malaysian Consul General in Karachi who welcome all the members of the press and also distinguished guests from Malaysia who had come over to give their expert opinions on subject of technical seminar. Palm Oil

After the welcome speech, Mr. Ahmad Perveez Hj Ghulam Kadir, Deputy Director-General, MPOB took the centre stage and he spoke briefly about the subject on which the technical seminar is to take place on 25th October 2018, he said; “The seminar will focus on issues and opportunities related to oils and fats for the food industry in Pakistan, combining experienced speakers from Malaysia and Pakistan.  Speakers from the Sindh Food Authority and Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority will address food safety issues in the food industry while Pakistan Food Association and Dar-ul-Uloom will reveal abundance opportunities for the food industry in frozen food and halal food market”.

He also informed that; “speakers from Malaysian Palm Oil Board will address the food security issue, which is a major issue in most Muslim countries.  The issue on trans-fat which has led to the ban of vanaspati in Punjab will also be addressed adequately. The speaker will explain on how food products can be made without using trans-fats while retaining their tastes and textures. Malaysian palm oil is a natural product which can be used to make various margarine, vanaspati, shortening, baking fat and specialty fats without the need for hydrogenation, which is the cause for trans-fat formation. Furthermore, Malaysian palm oil is of high quality, wholesome and healthy. Several studies for the last 30 years have confirmed this”. Palm Oil

He said; “when replacing trans-fats, it is inevitable that higher amount of saturated fat will be introduced into food formulations. The nutritional property of saturated fat has been a controversial issue among nutritionists because of conflicting data on its health benefits. Recent studies have shown that saturated fat is beneficial in certain conditions and in general saturated fat is neutral. It behaves depends on the food taken with it. This issue will be discussed in depth in the technical seminar”.

Deputy Director-General, MPOB said; “in-fact, in frying application, Malaysian palm olein, a liquid product from palm oil, is the best for frying application. Palm oil is being used worldwide the main frying oil by restaurants, hotels, and food industry. IFFCO, a member of PVMA, will deliberate on the proper management of frying oil to retain its quality and not to abuse the oil. A quick method for the industry to analyze the quality of frying oil will be introduced at the end of the seminar”.

On the concluding note Mr. Ahmad Perveez Hj Ghulam Kadir, Deputy Director-General said; “overall, I am confident that the seminar will benefit the food industry of Pakistan in general. Members of PVMA and members of the food industry will have the opportunity to clarify any issues regarding food safety and quality with the speakers. The seminar will also lay down some basic knowledge necessary to produce good quality foods. I do hope that this seminar will enhance further cooperation between the food and edible oil industry of Malaysia and Pakistan. Pakistan has been an important partner for Malaysia since the 70s. This cordial relationship has been translated into trade cooperation and investment in edible oil sector in Pakistan. Malaysia has a bulking storage facility at Port Qasim, a joint-venture project way back in the 90s. Later Malaysia invested in oil refinery, Mapak Edible Oils. This refinery is perhaps the only refinery in Pakistan that still processes fresh crude palm oil from Malaysia for value addition”. Palm Oil

Muhammad Umar Qasim Omerson, CEO of Lal Qila Foods and founder/treasurer of Pakistan Food Association also spoke on this occasion and said; “we are keen to promote Pakistan-Malaysia friendship, trade and also the FTA between the two countries. We are also giving assistance to Malaysian student who are here for studies and also Pakistani students who go to Malaysia for studies. As founding member of Pakistan Food Association we have trust on Malaysian produced items specially Palm Oil and Palm Olein which are widely used in restaurants throughout Pakistan. Even on individual side whenever we go to stores internationally or locally and we see a Malaysian product we are sure of the fact that it will be of good quality”.  

Lastly another technical expert from MPOB Dr. Miskandar Mat Sahri, Head Protein & Food Technology Unit shared his knowledge of on use of Palm Oil and Olein in Food Industry.

MTECS (MPOB Technical Seminar) is based on subject “Oils & Fats – The Heart of Food Industry” will be held on 25thOctober 2018. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & or WhatsApp +923132434567)