MDSSGC briefed on the current situation regarding gas supply


(PR): As the weather gets colder, the worries of some gas consumers who are having difficulty in getting gas supply are increasing.

Realizing the plight of its customers in Sindh and Balochistan, Imran Maniar, Managing Director, Sui Southern Gas Company, in his video message, shared the basic facts about the current problems with gas supply and the reasons behind it.

Referring to today’s press conference of Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar, the MD expressed his views on the reasons for the low availability of gas in Karachi and apprised them of all possible steps being taken to solve the problems of consumers. He informed me about the efforts of the company in improving the gas supply.

MD Sui Southern said that domestic consumers have top priority in the gas load management plan of the government of Pakistan. The SSGC system is currently facing a shortfall of 200 MMCFD in December, which is expected to increase to 250 MMCFD in January. Sui Southern is doing its best to supply gas to domestic consumers, which was being supplied to other sectors by cutting off the gas supply to the non-exported industrial sector and its captive power plants along with the first CNG sector.

Two days ago, a plan was discussed with the industries to limit the reduction in gas supply to the non-exported industrial sector through mandatory shut down for 36 hours a week to ensure better gas pressure. can go.

“We expect the industry to respect this decision and to support the SSGC in this difficult time,” he said.

The shutdown will take effect on Monday, December 27, 2021, and it is expected that approximately 70-80 MMCFD gas will be available through this measure. With this initiative, Karachi can meet 50% of the 150 MMCFD gas shortage that Karachi consumers are currently experiencing.

He appealed to the industrial consumers to abide by the MoU and not to seek restraining orders from the esteemed courts. Instead, they should sit down with Sui Southern and discuss possible solutions to the current problem.

The MD concluded his message on the positive note that the management is making every effort to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas to its customers and hoped that the above-mentioned steps would solve a large part of the problem if not one hundred percent.

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