Meat sellers also demanded increase in prices


KARACHI: Haji Abdul Majeed Qureshi Landhiwale, President, Met Merchants Association, termed the decision of Sindh government to fix buying and selling hours in the cattle market from 6 am to 7 pm as an unwise decision and expressed concern over the limited time. He said that in the beginning of the month of Dhi Al-Hajj, the citizens of Karachi will be working in a large number of markets. The presence of more buyers in a limited time could lead to crowds and mismanagement could be born. During the first decade of Dhul-Hijjah, the working hours of the cattle market should be increased to 24 hours to make it easier for traders and buyers. He called on the meat merchants and other business people to consider the issues facing them. Apart from them, General Secretary Sikandar Iqbal, Sharif Qureshi, Shahid Hussain Qureshi, Haji Abdullah, Raees Nanha Sirajuddin Qureshi, Kamil Qureshi and Haroon Qureshi along with other members of the Executive Committee also expressed their concern. Haji Abdul Majeed Qureshi also expressed concern over this matter. What about meat? CJ arrests and heavy fines are being levied by the magistrates on the rates fixed seven years ago. He inquired whether the prices of any food items in the country have not gone up in the last seven years. Addressing the meeting, other officials said that the association was now working with a new commitment to solve the problems faced by meat merchants with a new commitment to increase government prices of meat in proportion to inflation and prevent magistrates from conducting raids and arrests. Matt Merchants have been under-represented due to inactivity over the years, but now the elected body of the association assures them that it will meet the expectations of the community and do its utmost to solve the problems of the community. 

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