MNA Dr. Mahreen lauds SRSO for working at the gross root level to empower rural women


Member National Assembly (MNA), Dr. Mahreen Bhutto has said the Sindh Government arranged for interest-free loans extended to womenfolk to enable them to run their own ventures in different trades like livestock, tailoring, embroidery, etc.

Speaking in dialogue with women community leaders of Local Support Organization (LSO) Fateh of UC Izat Ji Wandh, organized by Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO) on Tuesday.

On the occasion, Chief Executive Officer, Sindh Rural Support Organization (SRSO), Muhammad Dital Kalhoro, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Asif Khuhro, and Team Leader of EU-SUCCESS project, Jamal Shoro was accompanied by MNA.

Members of 20 Village organizations shared their success stories and self-help initiatives they have taken under the European Union Funded, Sindh Union Council and Community Economic Strengthening Support (SUCCESS) program including enrollment of children in schools, vaccination of measles and COVID-19, plantation of fruit trees, registration of CINC also highlighted issues and challenges they are facing. They shared that SUCCESS Programme has motivated them and encouraged them to live life with vitality and dignity and raised the quality of leadership among rural women.

MNA Bhutto met with the amazing Business Development Group (BDG). She also visited the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Center (ALNC) of village Phulpoto, established under the SUCCESS Programme, to reduce Illiteracy and aims to impart basic literacy and numeracy skills to the women leaders in rural areas.

She lauded the work of SRSO at the grassroots level for the empowerment of rural women and community development to reduce poverty.

She said that It is heartening to see that 100 percent of the women paid off their loans while running their businesses adding that by making joint efforts, we and you can eliminate poverty from society.

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