Modi terrorists, India terrorists, Anti India slogans In front of the Eiffel Tower Paris,


Paris, France (Yaser Ilyas): A strong demonstration held against Indian state terrorism in occupied Kashmir.

The demonstrations organized by Pakistan and Kashmir community leaders .

In recent times, the Indian Army demonstrated state terrorism and killed more than two dozen Kashmiri people in occupied Kashmir. A protest demonstration was organized in Paris, France’s capital against India. In this demonstration, the Pakistani and Kashmiri community shows full participation, and on this occasion, protesters had raised the Kashmir flags and anti-India slogans in their hands. And there was a lot of slogans against India on this occasion.

The demonstration led by Chaudhry Zulfiqar Nigal, Advisor of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Sahibzada Atiqqur Rehman, Qazi Amir,  yousaf khan, Chaudhry Munir Wraich,  Tariq Nadeem Chaudhary, Asad Chaudhary , Majid Cheema and others also expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris and said that their struggle is democratic and their decision is to be decided by their own, demanding the solution of Kashmir is their right and the world You should pay attention. Today, the developed countries talk about animal rights, but silent on human rights violations in Kashmir.

Speaking at  demonstration, the speakers said that human rights violations in occupied Kashmir are being openly violated use of power to stop Kashmir’s peaceful and democratic struggle, Kashmir is scattered and demanding attention of human rights organizations and whole world. A Kashmir independence activist Ms. Shehla Rizvi participated with children.  refreshment served by the community leader Majid Chima on the end of the demonstration.