Munir Akram hails Pakistan’s ‘splendid’ World Cup win; Pakistanis celebrate

117 Munir Akram hails Pakistan

NEW YORK, (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.N., Munir Akram, warmly congratulated the Pakistani cricket team on its “splendid” victory against India in the World Cup’s opening game in Dubai, saying, “You made us proud.”

“MashAllah!”, he exclaimed when Pakistan completed its massive win, which coincided with UN Day.

“Pakistan always surprises!,” Ambassador Akram added.

“That day is not far when international cricket will be back again in Pakistan.”
Pakistani-Americans, who have been praying for Pakistan’s victory, remained glued to television till the winning runs since this morning.

Many of them went to crowded Pakistani restaurants across the city — in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island — to watch the high voltage game on big screens.
They cheered their side all through the match and erupted in loud “Pakistan Zinda Bad” slogans when the victory was completed.

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