National flag hoisted at Pakistan House to mark Pakistan day in N.Y.

156 flag hoisted at Pakistan House to mark Pakistan day in N.Y.

NEW YORK, (APP): Pakistan’s national flag was on Friday unfurled at the Pakistan House, which houses the country’s Mission to the United Nations and the Consulate General in New York, at a simple but impressive ceremony to celebrate Pakistan Day.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and as Pakistani Ambassador Munir Akram hoisted the green-crescent-and-star, the national anthem was played.

Consul General Ayesha Ali then read out the message of Prime Minister Imran Khan, and Ambassador Aamir Khan, the deputy permanent representative to the UN, delivered the message of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Jawad Ajmal, First Secretary at the Pakistan Mission, moderated the ceremony, which was attended by members of the Mission and the consulate general.

Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Akram highlighted the importance of the Lahore Resolution which led to the establishment of Pakistan.

He paid tributes to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah and the sacrifices made by the Muslims of the sub-continent for the freedom movement.

Pakistan, he said, was established through a democratic struggle for the right of self-determination for the Muslims of South Asia, and not designed as a theocratic State but as a homeland for the Muslims.

“We remain committed to the humanistic values of tolerance and harmony espoused by our Father,” Ambassador Akram added.

Referring to the plight of Muslims in India, the Pakistani envoy said, “We can only admire the vision of our great leader who foresaw what would be the fate of Muslims under Hindu domination.
“We cannot but call world attention to their plight.”

“In particular,” he said, “we cannot but continue to call for the fulfillment of the promised right of self-determination by the people of Jammu & Kashmir who are legitimately struggling for their freedom from India’s brutal occupation. We salute their continuing courage and acknowledge the sacrifices they are making for their freedom.”

Pakistan, he said, desires friendly and peaceful relations with all its neighbors, based on the principles of mutual respect, sovereign equality, justice, and reciprocity.

“Our priority is to improve the economic and social conditions of our people. We can do so only if peace prevails in our region. We can best develop through cooperation and connectivity with all the countries of our region.”
He added, “We are committed to promoting these objectives at the United Nations.”

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