National institutions stand by PTI democratic govt: Sheikh Rashid

167 institutions stand by PTI democratic govt

LAHORE, (APP): Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed Friday said that Prime Minister Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would complete its tenure, as all national institutions stand by the elected democratic government.

Addressing a press conference at Chief Minister’s Office, he said that any attempt to derail the democratic government would fail as the country could not afford any political adventurism, adding that the opposition needed to realize the intensity of challenges facing the country currently.

The minister said all PTI members and its allies fully supported the decisions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that those who would quit the alliance at this time would stand nowhere in the future. The PTI’s allies would always stand by the government and Prime Minister Imran Khan, he added.

Sh Rashid Ahmed said that the opposition should not underestimate Prime Minister Imran Khan as he was very well aware of the situation that what decisions should be taken during challenges, adding that horse-trading should be discouraged in politics. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s leaders, who were claiming respect for the vote, were now contacting the government allies just to achieve their personal ambitions, he asserted.

The minister said that these elements were making an alliance to create unrest and achieve their personal objectives instead of peoples’ interests, adding that if the opposition’s no-confidence move fails, Prime Minister Imran Khan would be strengthened further. Those who would change their loyalties would not be able to face people in the constituencies in the upcoming elections, he added.

To a question, he said that he had urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to hold talks with estranged PTI leader Jehangir Tareen, but some members within the party did not approve of his suggestion, adding that the PML-N and Pakistan People’s Party leaders had abused the national institutions to get power but they would definitely fail in their agendas.

To another query, Sh Rashid Ahmad said that any PTI ally, thinking of leaving Prime Minister Imran Khan at this stage would make a political blunder as the nation would never forgive them for changing loyalties. The opposition should prepare for the local bodies’ elections, being held within the next three months, he asserted.

He said that the opposition was afraid of the accountability process due to which it was trying to derail the government by raising slogans to table vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, adding that no restriction would be imposed on PPP’s long march as Rangers would provide them security if they would conduct the march.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said that India could not digest Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful visit to Russia so it was spitting venom against Pakistan.

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