Norway 90% peoples wo died with COVID-19 and 10% with chronic disease


Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) has now reviewed statistics on deaths rates 90% with covid-19 and other some chronics and heart pulmonary disease. In recent weeks, the infection curve has pointed upwards in Norway. In the last two days, 102 new cases of infection have been reported, compared with 196 in the whole of last week. Many of the new cases are due to imported infections. The situation now, however, is different from March, when two to three thousand infected Norwegians came home after being in Italy, Austria, and Spain. Then there was little test capacity, and the large number was surprising, points out the FHI superior. Numbers of infected are on the rise in some parts of the country, and new measures have recently been put in place to ensure social distancing, such as recommendations of increased use of face masks and no larger private gatherings than ten people. Bars and restaurants are not permitted to sell alcohol past midnight. The National Institute of Public Health has now reviewed statistics on deaths in the first three months of the pandemic. The figures are preliminary, so the picture may change somewhat when more messages about the cause of death come in. From March to May, 236 corona-related deaths were registered in this country. Nine out of ten patients (equivalent to 215 people) had the chronic illness in addition, and an equal proportion were people over 70 years of age. The hardest hit is the patient group in the 80s.

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