Norway Forest Fire police evacuate 500 hundred peoples from Sotra

Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The house caught fire between 18.00 and 19.00 as a result of the grass and field fire.
Jan-Ove Kårtveit tells NRK that he and his daughter got out at 4 pm. Four hours later, they received the message that the house was completely damaged. However, Kårtveit is concerned with praising the fire crews. Honor be to them. We are safe outside. We will take the house later, he says to NRK. Asle Eide (48), on the other hand, is a tenant in the basement apartment and lives there with her son. He says that he managed to bring his son, two guinea pigs, work shorts, and a T-shirt.
There have been large resources in the swing to get control of the flames.
7The fire service says that they have fielded 140 firefighters today.
Civil defense with 50 people. At around 10 pm, the emergency services stated that they were in the process of gaining control of the situation. We can never guarantee that the fire will not flare up again. It depends on the weather conditions, especially the wind conditions.
 If the wind picks up again, they will have an impact, says duty commander Ole Jacob Hartvigsen at the 110 exchange. A total of ten people have received health care as a result of the major fire.

7 Several firefighters have also been injured.

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