Norway is becoming the world’s first country accros the world using electric, hybrid car

Norway/Oslo (By Ahmed Tanveer): Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to buy a new car  especially big, powerful vehicles and it has a series of incentives and large tax breaks to encourage the uptake of electric cars. The biggest selling cars in Norway in 2017 included the VW Golf, BMW i3, Toyota Rav4, and Tesla Model X. A target of becoming 100 percent electric by 2050 is achievable, according to the transport companies. Norway is in with a chance of becoming the world’s first fully electrically powered society.
The 96 percent of Norway’s electricity is already produced by hydro power, according to the report. Additionally, the country can boast a well-developed energy system, with extensive use of electricity for domestic power supplies. As many as 110,000 electric cars are already on Norwegian roads, and parliament has already decided that no fossil fuel-powered private cars will be sold in the country after 2025. The Oil and gas industries can also reduce their emissions if rigs are supplied by electric power from Norway’s mainland. Here are a few of the perks granted those who choose an electrical vehicle in Norway. The  facilites of electric transport the bus lane access is available and there is No VAT- and Privileged and free parking even  no tolls on roads or ferries and Public charging stations free of charge.