Norway stops selling Russian Liquor and Starbuck, Mc Donald and Coca Cola closes temporary service in Russia

132 stops selling Russian Liquor and Starbuck

Oslo Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): Norwegian liquor stores are removing Russian-made alcoholic beverages from their shelves following the invasion of Ukraine, Norway’s alcohol monopoly said on Tuesday. Vinmonopolet’s shops are the only ones allowed to sell wine and hard liquor in Norway, except for duty-free stores at airports. Coffee giant Starbucks wants to suspend its operations in Russia. American Starbucks temporarily closes its 130 cafes in Russia, the company states. It includes stops in the transport of goods and cafes that are licensed under Starbucks. Coca-Cola Company will cease operations in Russia for the time being. Our hearts are with the people who are experiencing the unreasonable effects of these tragic events in Ukraine,” Coca-Cola said in a press release on Tuesday. Earlier in the day, the McDonald’s and Starbucks chains also announced that they were closing down operations temporarily.

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