Norway Ulvik three municipalities quarantine 1 in 13 are infected


Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The mayor is worried about nursing homes and services for the sick in the municipality. At least 1 in 13 is now infected with a corona in Ulvik and hundreds in quarantine. Now half of the municipality is in quarantine. The corona infection in Ulvik, view of Ulvik from across the fjord Vesle Ulvik in Hardanger has 1067 inhabitants. At least 77 of them are now infected with corona. Infection rates continue to rise in Ulvik heard. That is 16 more than yesterday. The number is based on samples taken up to and including Thursday, the district writes. So far, there are five confirmed cases of the English new type of coronavirus. The  Ulvik is waiting for the final confirmation of six positive quick tests from Thursday night. Thus, the total number can be 83 infected. This means that in Ulvik, which has 1,067 inhabitants, about every thirteenth inhabitant is infected with the coronavirus. It is assumed that the vast majority who are infected here locally, is infected with the English new virus of the mutated virus, says mayor Hans Petter Thorbjørnsen, who himself informs the local media,  he is now in the so-called waiting quarantine. He is in close contact with an infected. The first to be diagnosed with the virus in Ulvik had been traveling in Southern Europe. They were quarantined for ten days and took two negative tests.

Nevertheless, they were able to detect the virus when the quarantine was over. Ulvik has therefore introduced a 14-day quarantine.

The mayor describes the situation as dramatic both for the infected and for all those who end up in quarantine. When that ring gets bigger, this will affect the operation of different devices. Especially health, which becomes extra demanding. Then they can become critical beyond. Mayor Hans Petter Thorbjørnsen with snow and buildings in the background Ulvik mayor Hans Petter Thorbjørnsen reckons that almost all cases of infection in the municipality are of the British mutated variant. Bergen Emergency Room is today in place with a test car in Ulvik. The test car has lined up in the city center and will carry out testing today and tomorrow. Eidfjord now offers to cook for the residents of the nursing home next weekend. They have also offered extra medical help, says Thorbjornsen’s several cases of infection in neighboring municipalities. Ullensvang municipality reports a positive test on Friday afternoon. It is believed to be related to the outbreak in Ulvik and the British virus mutation. Kvam heard reports on Friday about five new corona cases. The new infected are known close contacts. There are now a total of 15 infected in Kvam since Saturday. Four of them are the English variant of the coronavirus. This strengthens the suspicion of a connection with the eruption in Ulvik, the district writes. On Friday, it was also announced that Norheimsund will close in Kvam. Initially until Monday next week. The reason is a strong suspicion of infection and an unresolved situation around close contact. Voss heard reports on Friday about three new cases of infection. Only one of the new cases has a definite connection with the outbreak in Ulvik. 14 days quarantine instead of ten.  the reason is the infectivity of the virus and how long it takes before people notice that they are getting sick. On Wednesday, Kvam also introduced strict corona measures that will apply until 8 February.

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