Norwegian Air Shuttle launch new service Europe to Canada in 2019

Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The Norwegian Air Shuttle will start next year due to late supplying Aircraft delivery.
The aircraft that are planned for the undisclosed routes between Europe and Canada.
Norwegian Air Shuttle  is postponing the introduction of its low-cost transatlantic service to Canada because of aircraft delivery delays. Spokesman Anders Lindstrom says flights to Canada that were expected to start this summer are now planned to start in the summer of 2019. Last month the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) gave Norwegian permission to begin selling tickets for summer flights. While there are still more hoops that the carrier needs to jump through, including getting the green light from Transport Canada, the CTA’s approval was seen the first step to Norwegian possibly starting transatlantic flights out of Canada this summer, as early as July 23. A four-week delay getting the new B737s has derailed Norwegian’s plans to launch transatlantic flights from this market, says CEO Bjorn Kjos. “We got a slight delay, not much, but it gave us a month shorter pre-sale period,  said during the press conference.