Our Security


Newaz Sharif has opened himself and his reputation to more scrutiny, and by doing so he has disclosed himself to being the worst politician in the history of Pakistani politics. His tenor as PM for the last few decades has undoubtably revealed his policies, his governments inadequacies to involve money laundering deals and schemes. His mistameners have in fact broken all the rules of the book!

He is a sham, and he has protrayed himself and his former government to be unstable to govern, and he thinks by behaving as such that he will manage to destabilise his country’s efforts to be a peaceful, respected and law abiding members of the International Community. He has threatened the very security of his people. And in doing so he has with his own hands brought himself to ruin by making the claim that Pakistani Terrorists carried out the 26\11 Mumbai Attacks.

With respect he is a trator and a lier, and he has betrayed his sanctified status that was given to him by the electorate of Pakistan. The affirmation and the undertaking of the oath of office of Prime Minister and accepting the loyalty to the Constitution’s religions and legal text is binding on him.

I would say he has committed high treason and a crime by betraying his promises when he was sworn to the oath of office. He has on no account discharged his duties adequately in an honest manner. By acting this way he has not performed true faith and allegiance to Pakistan and thereby ultimately he has allowed his personal interest to influence his official conduct.

Having scrutinised this subject I hasten to add who does. Newaz Sharif really work for? Is it for himself, his country or for outside forces?

Having considered what he has done beckons the question whether he has abetted his fellow workers in this illegal conduct, and for how long has he been involved in this illegal act. One would construe his behaviour to indicate that he has been persistently working against his people throughput his leadership as PM from 2013-2017.

I will conclude that apart from being disqualified as PM by the Supreme Court of Pakistan for his corruption allegations it is blatantly clear that he was and is no match for the great Shaheed’s, Martyrs, of our Pakistan People’s Party i.e. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. And I can categorically say his government is no match for our Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as he is the true loyal candidate for the position of Prime Minister. (By Sumblina Hassan)