Pak-US relations important

168 Pak-US relations important

KARACHI, (APP): Sindh Governor Imran Ismail on Friday said Pakistan and United States (US) relations were important for peace and stability in the region.

“By boosting relations between the two countries, we can further strengthen education, health services, including the fight against the coronavirus, as well as other initiatives,” he said in a meeting with a delegation that called on him led by US Charge d’ Affaires, Angela Aggeler, at the Governor House.

The Governor said the environment in Karachi was conducive for foreign investment and that was why there was ample scope and potential for boosting bilateral trade between Pakistan and the United States.

Talking to Governor Sindh, Angela Aggeler said the US government was working with the government of Pakistan to achieve common goals and interests.

She added that the United States was committed to working with the Government and people of Pakistan to ensure a prosperous, peaceful, and stable future.

Issues of political, economic, and other mutual interests, including US cooperation for regional prosperity and security, were discussed during the meeting. The delegation also discussed the programs being implemented in Sindh in collaboration with the US Government.

The meeting also agreed to strengthen efforts to enhance bilateral trade, deepen long-term ties and strengthen business opportunities between the two countries.

US Consul General Mark Stroh and Political Chief Aleksandra Zittle were also present on the occasion.

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