Pakistan Federation of America organized Pakistan independence day in Chicago USA

217 CG in Chicago

Chicago, USA (by/Afzal Sodagar): Pakistan Federation of America organized Pakistan independence day on August 29 in Rohingya culture center Chicago devon under the president’s said Umar khan. The event was attended by a large number of political activists and PFA members. Consulate in Chicago USA

H.E. Consul General of Pakistan Tariq Kareem was the chief guest and cook county clerk Karen Yarbrough an elected democratic official as a guest of honor along with her office deputies. She supervises births, marriages, deaths, property documents, elections, and many properties relating issues, Talat Rashid a prominent community leader and board Consulate in Chicago USA

member of PFA very professionally conducted proceedings of the meeting. The meeting was addressed by a young Rohangia student executive director of Rohingya organization is a Tongue Indian American senior leader and successful business, Mr. Iftikhar Sharif.

Cook county clerk Ms. Karen Yarbrough spoke in detail about her office functions and answered the questions of participants. PFA President Mr said Umar khan brought to the notice of the Consul General the problems the Pakistani community is facing on daily basis. Consulate in Chicago USA

He pointed out that every community except the Pakistani community has its centers where the people of communities get help on immigration, jobs, medical help, and so many other fields. He said the Pakistani community is the second richest community after India but the Pakistani community does not have such a center. He requested the Consul general Consulate in Chicago USA

to have a meeting with the Pakistani business class and doctors to help in opening such a center for community help. He may also speak to the Pakistani doctors association to help in their field. Consulate in Chicago USA

Said Umar khan assured the Consul General that I will arrange free lawyers immigration officers for a summit in all fields. Tariq Kareem Consul General appreciated these ideas and agreed to such help. He spoke to the participant in detail of his responsibility and would love to have regular contact with the community.

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