Pakistan to continue with China to expand Billion Tree Tsunami project: Moin Ul Haque

151 to continue with China to expand Billion Tree

BEIJING, (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Moin Ul Haque has said that Pakistan will continue working with China to improve the environment, promote low-carbon initiatives, and expand its 10 Billion Tree Tsunami project.

“The climate governance, low-carbon environmental protection, and animal protection areas are very close to the heart of Prime Minister Imran Khan,” he said.

“We are working with the Chinese government to help us expand (10) Billion Tree Tsunami project,” he told China Economic Net (CEN).

Ambassador Moin stated that the prime minister was one of those few leaders who had advocated global action and cooperation against climate change.

“Pakistan is one of those few countries which hardly contribute to these carbon emissions. We are one of the most affected countries by climate change. So, this is also an important area of cooperation with China because China is a big country, but it has very ambitious targets of capping its commissions of carbon and zero carbon neutrality by 2060”, he added.

It is worth noting that China’s Government Work Report delivered at the opening of this year’s session of the 13th National People’s Congress in Beijing on March 5 also highlighted that China would take well-ordered steps to achieve peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality.

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