Pakistan wants assurance from Taliban to not let Afghan soil used against it: President

161 of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan would like to have similar assurance from the Taliban, as given to China and the United States, that the soil of Afghanistan would not be used against them or any other country.

“We will always like assurances, the ones which were given to China and the United States, that the Afghan territory will never be used against any other country,” the president said in an interview with TRT’s Straight Talk.

The president was responding to host Ayese Suberker as she questioned if Pakistan was concerned about resurfacing of terrorist groups after the Taliban took over and about any preconditions with the new government in Afghanistan.

President Alvi mentioned that the Taliban had given assurances to China and the U.S. and expected the same for Pakistan.

“On the same principle, I am very hopeful that a similar attitude will be there with Pakistan as far as Afghanistan’s new government whatever form it takes,” he said.

He said the international norms settled in the Charter of the United Nations also supported such conduct.

To check the inflow of terrorists, he said, Pakistan had fenced its borders with Afghanistan.

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