Pakistani medical experts examine hospitals in Afghanistan

96 medical experts examine hospitals in Afghanistan

ISLAMABAD, (APP): A three-member team of renowned medical experts from Pakistan mandated by the Ministry of Health visited Afghanistan to examine the performance of three leading hospitals which were built by the Government of Pakistan to provide good quality health services to the Afghan people.

According to a press release issued on Friday, the main objective of the visit was to examine the health facilities being provided to the Afghan nationals at these hospitals, the difficulties faced by them, and suggestions to bring necessary improvements with financial and technical support of Pakistan and international institutions. The team also held meetings with the Minister and officials of the Afghan Ministry of Health to incorporate their input and needs.

The team visited Nishtar Kidney Hospital in Jalalabad, Muhammad Ali Jinnah Hospital in Kabul, and Naib Aminullah Logari Hospital in Logar to undertake an assessment of what kind of medical assistance was being provided by the Government of Pakistan to run these hospitals and how it could be enhanced.

The team had already concluded the visit and will now be submitting a detailed report to the health authorities for examination and decisions on the way forward.

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