Pakistanis in US hail grant of voting rights to expatriates

105 Pakistanis in US hail grant of voting rights

NEW YORK, (APP): Pakistani-Americans Thursday enthusiastically welcomed the passage by Parliament of a bill to grant the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis in the next general elections.
“We welcome the decision made for overseas Pakistanis to have the right to vote through an internet-based voting system,” the head of American-Pakistani Political Action Committee (APPAC), Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, said in an interview with APP.

“This has been a long, overdue promise that allows us to stay engaged with Pakistan politically. Millions of Pakistanis worldwide will now have the chance to be a part of the political process in Pakistan and solidify its political bonds,” he said.

“Overseas Pakistanis have always had a role in the economy, and can now be a part of the political process in Pakistan to ensure fair and transparent elections and help strengthen democracy in Pakistan,” Dr. Ijaz Ahmad added.

Asad Chaudhry, a board member of APPAC, also welcomed the Parliamentary approval of the bill which he described as “historic.” “Overseas Pakistanis will continue to play the positive role they have all along been engaged in.”

The Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (PUFF) also thanked the PTI-led coalition for the initiative to grant the right of franchise to overseas Pakistanis.

“Through our vote, we, the Pakistani expatriates, will contribute to the strengthening of democracy in our homeland,” PUFF’s secretary-general said in a statement on behalf of the forum.

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