PM for urgent steps to check gap between import, exports

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ISLAMABAD (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said that with all economic indicators moving towards a positive trajectory, there was a need to take urgent measures to check the existing gap between imports and exports.

He directed the Commerce Division to present within the next two weeks Strategic Exports Framework for approval and set targets for the trade and investment officers posted abroad.

The Prime Minister was presiding over a meeting held here to review the various measures taken by the government for enhancing the volume of the country’s exports.

National Security Advisor Dr. Moeed Yusuf, Special Assistant to PM Dr. Shehbaz Gill, Secretaries of the Commerce and Energy Divisions, and senior officers were in attendance.

The meeting was told that with a focus on 19 products including in the areas of Information Technology (IT), textile, medicines, poultry, rice, vegetables, dry fruit, leather, salt, marble, ceramics and surgical instruments, the country’s current volume of exports could be increased by the US $ 30 billion.

The Commerce Division told the meeting that consultation with all the stakeholders including industrialists, exporters, and relevant government institutions was in progress.

The Prime Minister said that with facilitation and ease of doing business for exporters, the government’s priority in terms of enhancing exports was the diversification of products and markets.

He further said that as the Pakistani business community had a lot of potentials, the provision of a business-friendly environment and policies was the government’s foremost priority.

The Prime Minister was following the philosophy of formulating policies in consultation with the business community and this system of strong public-private partnership will continue.

He said that since the government was committed to providing all possible facilitation to the business community, it also expected them to benefit from this opportunity and fully support the government in its efforts to strengthen the economy.

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