PM invites Saudi companies, entrepreneurs to benefit from Pakistan’s huge investment potential

74 PM invites Saudi companies

RIYADH, Oct 25 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday urged the Saudi companies and entrepreneurs to benefit from Pakistan’s strategic location as well as huge investment potential in diverse areas of the economy including housing and construction for mutual benefit.

He particularly mentioned the mega-development projects of Ravi City and Central Business District in Lahore and said it was the right time for Saudi investors to benefit from these projects.

The Prime Minister was addressing the Saudi-Pak Investment Forum organized in cooperation with the Saudi Ministry of Investment.

The Investment Forum was attended by senior representatives of the leading Saudi companies and entrepreneurs as well as Pakistani businessmen.

Besides Saudi Investment Minister Engr. Khalid Al-Falih, the Forum was also addressed by Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, Advisor on Finance Shaukat Tarin, and Energy Minister Hammad Azhar.

Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighting the close and historic ties between the two brotherly nations said that Pakistan-Saudi relations transcend all other relations due to people-to-people contacts. 
Whichever government comes to power in Pakistan, it does not affect Pakistan-Saudi relations, he added. 
The Prime Minister said the special relationship with Saudi Arabia besides the fact that they were tied with the two Holy Mosques, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia always stood with each other in hard times. 
“As human beings, we don’t remember those who were with you in good times but those who stood with you in bad times”, he remarked. 
Reiterating his country’s commitment to the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, the Prime Minister said that whenever there is any security threat, Pakistan will stand with Saudi Arabia and ensure its security. 
Imran Khan said like Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, who has dynamism and a passion for change, he also wanted a Naya Pakistan. 
He said that Pakistan was the fastest growing economy in Asia until the 1960s with strong institutions like PIA being one of the best airlines in the world at that time. 
“Then we lost that path through the policy of nationalization”, he added. 
The Prime Minister said that now the present government was exploring the potential by incentivizing various sectors in a country of 220 million people, out of which the majority of people were below the age of 30 years.
He said that Pakistan due to its strategic location having the two biggest markets in the neighborhood and connectivity with Central Asia through Afghanistan provided a real opportunity to investors to take benefit. 
The Prime Minister said that if relations with India are improved, which was possible only through the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in line with the UN Resolutions and giving Kashmir’s right to self-determination, Pakistan will have access to three big markets.
Urging the Saudi companies to benefit from Pakistan’s potential and opportunities, he said that it was the right time for them to invest in two mega projects of Ravi Urban City and Central Business District in Lahore. 
“If you look at the strategic location of Pakistan, which is open for investment, it can benefit both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan”, he added. 
Similarly, the Prime Minister said that with 300,000 acres of virgin land – next to River Indus, allocated for investment, Saudi companies can invest in agriculture and food security sectors.
“If we come together, it will really benefit the two countries,” he stressed. 
Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi focused on Pakistan’s shift from geopolitics to geo-economics; Adviser on Finance highlighted the economic resurgence of Pakistan; and Minister for Energy outlined the vast opportunities in the energy, agriculture, livestock, and other key sectors.
The Saudi Minister for Investment, in his keynote address, underscored the longstanding and abiding ties between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and reaffirmed the resolve to further deepen bilateral trade, investment, and business links.

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