PM lauds Sialkot business community for financial support to Kumara’s widow

146 lauds Sialkot business community

ISLAMABAD, Jan 18 (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan Tuesday appreciated the generous gesture of the Sialkot business community and Rajco Industries for extending financial assistance to the widow of late Priyantha Kumara, who was killed by a violent mob last year.

The prime minister in a tweet posted, “I want to appreciate the Sialkot business community for transferring $ 100,000 to account of Priyantha Kumara’s widow & Rajco Industries for transferring monthly salary of $ 2000  to her account – which they will do for 10 yrs (years).”

The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry had announced $100,000 for the family of slain Sri Lanka national besides, financial assistance by the Rajco Industries, where Kumara served as manager.

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