PNAC awards accreditation certificate to IAC-ICCBS


KARACHI – The Industrial Analytical Center (IAC) of International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi has received a ‘certificate of accreditation’ from Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC). IAC offers a range of professional analytical and consultancy services to more than 500 private and public sector organizations and industries. ICCBS Director Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Choudhary expressed these views while speaking at a meeting held at the industrial analytical center on Thursday. He said that this was honour not only for the international center but also for the University of Karachi. He praised the national role of PNAC, which was established under the administrative control of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of Pakistan, as the national apex agency to accredit conformity assessment bodies, such as laboratories and certification bodies. PANC has awarded a ‘certificate of accreditation’ to IAC, as PNAC accredits laboratories that conduct tests in the various fields of testing, including microbiological, chemical, food, construction and construction products, electrical, environmental, textiles, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals, he said. He said IAC had been providing its top-class analytical and consultancy services to public and private institutions, as it recently helped in the understanding of Kemari toxic exposure. It is pertinent to mention here that PANC awarded first time this accreditation to IAC in 2010.

Talking about proficiency test (PT), he said, that the industrial analytical center was also accredited by ISO standard (i.e. ISO/IEC 17043).

“Proficiency testing is an important element of ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. So important, that it has its own ISO standard (i.e. ISO/IEC 17043),” he added.

A proficiency test (PT) is simply, a method that you may use to validate a particular measurement process, he said, adding that proficiency testing is important for several reasons, primarily, it enables your laboratory to demonstrate competency for a particular measurement discipline which can be used to validate a measurement method, technical training of personnel, tractability of standards, and estimates of measurement uncertainty.

The industrial analytical center offers a range of professional analytical and consultancy services to the industries and other private and public sector organizations, he said. More than 500 industries in Pakistan are taking analytical and consultancy services from the IAC, he maintained. He said, talking about Halal testing facility, IAC offers unique service in Pakistan to analyze the non-Halal ingredients in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Indonesian Agricultural Quarantine Agency (IAQA) has already declared H.E.J. Research Institute of Chemistry, University of Karachi, standard laboratory for pesticide residue testing of food ingredients, Dr. Iqbal said, adding that IAQA has taken this decision after having substantial research in Pakistan. He said, “IAC works under H.E.J. research institute, ICCBS – University of Karachi.”

The industrial analytical center also provides world-class training on analytical instruments; the center owns authority to issue a certificate of analysis, he said. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & WhatsApp +923132434567 PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS Thanks)