Police forces are trying to serve the people at the time of Coronavirus – Luqman Khan


Peshawar: (Reporter Wisal Ahmed) According to International Global Times Media Report, DSP Gulbahar Luqman Khan said that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Police Forces are working to serve and protect the people on the occasion of a global

“It is very important for the people to support the police and cooperate with the police – DSP Gulbahar”

an epidemic like Corona. He said that the eradication of the coronavirus is possible by following government measures. Police are on the street performing their duties day and night just to protect people from coronavirus so people can get rid of this disease. In a press statement with International Global Times Media, DSP Gulbahar Luqman Khan said that without the co-operation of the people, it is impossible to protect the people from the coronavirus. It is very important to support the police only by staying at home most of the time.DSP Gulbahar Luqman Khan further said that the people should adopt government measures as government measures can provide relief and security to the people. The only purpose of police forces is to serve the people, no matter if our lives are lost for this service.

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