President Alvi urges to seek guidance from Holy Prophet (PBUH’s) life to overcome egoistic attitudes

98 President Arif Alvi

LAHORE, (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi on Friday said the glorious teachings of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) are a beacon of light for human beings and urged them to seek guidance from His life to overcome egoistic attitudes.

addressing the passing out ceremony of the participants of 114th National Management Course at National Management College, he said it was highly important to overcome “egoistic attitudes” and it was imperative to extend maximum public facilitation at the administrative level.

Talking about traditions of bureaucracy Dr. Alvi said, “Principle is always the same but techniques change with the passage of time.” Minds bring change, he said, in any society morality, honesty, good leadership, and intelligence were the key elements linked with a change. Alvi said Pakistan was changing and it was not easy to eliminate at once the corruption and other menaces which had harmed the country like a termite in the past.

It was very important to identify problems and own them as well, he remarked. The president said for the solution of any problem one must look at failures or mistakes that occurred in the past and never ignore the stakeholders while finding their solutions. Dr. Arif Alvi said the bureaucracy had a big role in the decision-making process and parliamentarians should also benefit from research.

Strengthening of the institutions was very important to achieve desired goals, he maintained.
The president hoped that all officers would give their best while discharging their responsibilities. / cetificate distribution

The president also distributed certificates among the participants who completed their course.
National School of Public Policy (NPP’s) Rector Ijaz Munir delivered a welcome address.

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