President asks universities to raise education standards, increase student enrollment

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ISLAMABAD (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Tuesday underlined the need for improvement in education standards in universities and an increase in enrollment of students.

He was speaking during a briefing about the Capital University of Science and Technology (CUST) here.

The President said universities should ensure implementation of policy on anti-narcotics and the welfare of special persons.

He appreciated the exemption given by Higher Education Commission (HEC) to the special persons in the tuition fee and hostel fee.

The President urged the universities to focus on the character-building of students.

He stressed that the CUST should change its vision according to modern trends and set timelines to achieve its goals.
The information technology department of the university should focus on cyber security, he said adding steps should be taken for distance learning.

Dr. Alvi emphasized that in order to stop the waste of time during the coronavirus pandemic, modern information technology should be adopted.

There was a need for enhanced relationships between public and private sector universities, he said adding universities should teach skills to students according to the needs of the industry.

During the briefing, Vice-Chancellor CUST Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Ahmed said that 10,000 students completed education from the university while 5000 students were enrolled in different university programs. Capital University gave away scholarships of more than Rs 140 million to the students during the year 2020-21.

The President lauded the role of the university in spreading education and for implementing the new policy for special persons.

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