President phones martyred soldiers’ families for condolence

84 President phones martyred

ISLAMABAD, (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Saturday telephoned the grieved families of the soldiers of the Pakistan Army who embraced martyrdom in different terror incidents in North Waziristan.

The president phoned the family of Saifullah Khattak who martyred in North Waziristan on October 17 this year.

He also interacted with the respective families of soldiers Muhammad Fahad and Tanvir Ahmed who embraced martyrdom in a blast that took place in North Waziristan on October 5, this year.

As part of his regular practice to share the grief of the martyred soldiers’ families, the president also telephoned the family of soldier Amir Iqbal martyred in North Waziristan on October 4, this year.

Expressing his condolences, the president prayed for the highest rewards to the martyred soldiers and paid tribute to their sacrifices for the security of the nation.

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