President strongly condemns killing of ten Kashmiri youth

92 strongly condemns killing of ten Kashmiri youth

ISLAMABAD (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Saturday strongly condemned the killing of ten Kashmiri youth in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK). 

The president said that the Indian occupation forces had been targeting the innocent Kashmiri youth on the pretext of carrying out so-called search operations. 

He called upon the international community to take notice of the gross human rights violations in the IIOJK and demanded of the Indian government immediately stop its grave human rights violations of extra-judicial killing of the Kashmiri youth, a press release said. 

The president said a peaceful resolution of the IIOJK issue in accordance with the United Nations resolutions guaranteed regional peace. 

President Alvi observed that India could not suppress Kashmiri’s struggle for their right to self-determination with such atrocious tactics. 

This indigenous movement for freedom against the Indian illegal occupation and aggression could not be linked with terrorism, he added. 

The president further said these inhuman acts of terror in the IIOJK had exposed the extremist face of Hindutva. – Journalists Association of America Pak – American Journalist’s Club USA

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